New Pueblo Shopping Mall

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There will soon be a new place to shop in Southern Colorado. Some popular stores are going up in a new shopping center off of Highway 50 in Pueblo. And since many people who live in Pueblo drive to Colorado Springs to shop, those shoppers could soon save money on gas and spend that extra money closer to home. Among the stores on the blueprints: Kohl’s, Best Buy, PetCo, Old Navy, TJ Max, Michaels, and Garts.

As you drive into Pueblo from the north, a new business development center will soon greet you west of the interstate. Pueblo Crossing will join the Pueblo Mall and Eagleridge crossing as main shopping attractions in town. The mall will feature nationally recognized stores, plus several new restaurants. "Create additional shopping opportunities, increase quality of life. They don't have to travel north for shopping opportunities," says Pueblo Assistant City Manager Jim Munch. He says the project will also provide more jobs in the community and help generate more sales tax for the city.

Construction is scheduled to begin early next year. It will be done in two phases by an out-of-town contractor and if all goes well, Kohl's will be open for Christmas shopping next year. Extended Web Coverage

Holiday Shopping Tips

The Parking Lot

  • Become familiar with the layout. Exits, garage ramps, store locations.

  • Note where you have parked. Section, aisle or pole number.

  • Walk "purposefully" and be aware of your surroundings!

  • Take note of: Persons wandering aimlessly, and suspicious vehicles.

  • Don’t overburden yourself with packages, children, etc.

  • Keep all valuables stored in your vehicle out of sight.

  • Secure cell phones, purses, and presents in the trunk or covered area.

  • Whenever possible, remove unnecessary valuable before you go shopping.

Your Vehicle

  • Always lock the doors and roll the windows all the way up.

  • Never store a valet key in the car.

  • Keep registration and insurance cards with you, not in the car.

  • If you have a security device, use it.


  • Be aware of your purse at all times.

  • Carry your purse with the flap facing you, and hold it close you your body.

  • Don’t place the strap across your body.

  • Carry your wallet next to your skin, not in your coat pocket.

  • Be alert for pickpockets and thieves.

  • If someone bumps you, check your wallet or purse immediately.

  • Many pickpockets work in teams, one will distract you while the other takes your money.

  • Be wary of people setting their shopping bags down next to yours.

  • When dining, remember to keep your purse on the floor between your feet.

  • Never hang your purse on the back of your chair.

  • Never carry large sums of money, if you must, don’t flash it around.

Credit Card Safety

  • Always sign the back of your credit cards, or “Check I.D.”

  • Remember to retrieve your cards after a transaction.

  • Know where the receipts/carbon copies for the purchase are after the transaction.

  • If cards are lost or stolen report them immediately to your bank or card company.

  • Do not put credit card numbers on checks.

  • Scrutinize monthly statements for purchases you did not make.

  • Know your money.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Source: (National Safety Council Web site) contributed to this report.