Superintendent Investigation

The superintendent of School District 60 in Pueblo faces accusations she misused tax dollars.

School board members say D-60 superintendent Doctor Joyce Bales allegedly traveled far more than her counterparts in similarly-sized school districts, making 10 out-of-state trips during a 14 month period.

She also, reportedly, misused her expense account. But Bales says the trips were necessary to bring in millions of dollars worth of grants.

"This is the first time this district has had this kind of recognition and I think it was the right thing to do." But her opponents, like board member Gail Rodosevich, say they're just keeping her in check.

"It's not nit-picking. You have to look at the detail and, if everything is in balance and okay, then that's good and you go on."

Bales claims her critics on the school board are politically motivated and are trying to divert attention away from their own use of tax dollars.