Dogs Not Rabid

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Officials say the three pit bulls that killed a woman and attacked two men last weekend didn't have rabies.

That as the Elbert County sheriff's office says, charges against Jaqueline McCuen, the woman who owned the dogs, will not be filed this week.

A spokesman for the sheriff's department says investigators are waiting on a search warrant for McCuen's house, but won't say what it is they're looking for.

Forty year old Jennifer Brooke died last Sunday after the dogs attacked her. They also attacked Brooke's companion, 24 year old Bjorn Osmunsen and a neighbor, Lynn Baker, before they were shot and killed.

Michael Andre, McCuen's lawyer, says the three dogs were among
seven McCuen owned at one point. Andre says the dogs lived with
McCuen and her five daughters, ages two to 17, and were never
before violent.