Castle West Cars Moved to Mall

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The initial search is complete, now investigators need the space for a thorough search of the Castle West apartment complex. Not to mention, people displaced for days need to get to their cars.

Several vehicles are still waiting for drivers in northeast parking lot of Citadel Mall.

They are the silent survivors of the Castle West apartment fire. Some froze during the fight. All are missing an owner.

"We grab 'em and pull 'em over here!" said Tom Frederick of Randy’s Towing.

A crew from Randy’s is helping speed up the reunion, moving the cars from a 'police only' crime scene to an empty lot.

Now all drivers need is their keys.

"My keys are still in the building,” said Collette Colvin who got out of the fire with only the pajamas she had on.

"All that list you go over in your head: what would I grab? You're not grabbing anything," said Colvin.

The good news is her car's okay. The bad news is, the key she had made to replace the one she lost, doesn't work: another un-expected setback.

"We'll tow it, get it out of here, put a new ignition in it and then we'll get back to normal," she said.

Troy Davis is a little luckier. His car started immediately.

"Oh man, what a relief!" he said.

The jeans he grabbed on his way out had his keys and wallet in the pockets. He also got another essential.

"I grabbed my snow board," he said.

But reliable transportation for dozens more will sit motionless here possibly for another few days.

Getting back on the road is another step toward recovery...

"Thanks to Colorado Springs for helping everybody out!" Troy said.
...And making abandoned cars available again, another small show of support.

Drivers can pick their cars up in the northeast parking lot at Citadel Mall until February seventh.

After February 7th the vehicles will be towed to the Colorado Springs police department impound facility on east Las Vegas Street.