Good touch/Bad touch Program

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In 2005, nearly 300 children in Pueblo County were sexually abused. It's an alarming number according to School District 60. The district is now taking action by introducing a program called, "Good touch/Bad touch.

Kids, starting from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade, will be taught the difference between good touch and bad touch.

The district says, these lessons will help save the lives of many children.

During one of the Good touch/Bad touch class, kids were being told to shout, "It's my body!."

Carol Passig, the district's Counseling Coordinator says, "You know it just damages children for life if something happens to them."

Which is why the district is teaching them, to be in charge of their bodies, to recognize an "uh oh" feeling, to say "no" to sexual abuse, to tell someone and always remember it is never their fault.

Parents say, "I think it's a good idea."

School officials say, the program has proven to be effective.

The program started at D-60 in 2001 but never took off.

But starting in February, all students, 8Th grade and down, will have three training classes every school year.

Hopefully they'll learn says, Beverly Samek, the districts Director of Coordinated School Health.

She says, "To be good decision makers understand right from wrong and empower them to be in charge of a healthy body."

School officials say, some parents find it difficult to talk to their children about inappropriate touching, which is another reason the program was started.

As for parents who would rather handle it themselves.

Passig says, "Parents do have the option to opt out."

D-60 is one of few districts in the state that has the, "Good touch/Bad touch program.