Community Rallies Around Displaced Residents

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There is no shortage of activity at the Castle West fire, first, by those helping beat back the blaze.

"We're helping our community," said Dave Alexander a Wal-Mart assistant manager.

And those like Dave helping anyone burned out of a home by a fire.

"The Red Cross came in and said they had an immediate need, so we jumped in to action and did all we could," said Alexander

Alexander’s store provided essentials: water, Gatorade and even some clothes.

A nearby Applebees offered hot meals.

And at Pizza Hut...

"We are open," said store manager Liz MacCleod.

...More hot food for those who need it, and a collection jar for two employees who now, like hundreds of others have no home and could use a hand.

"There's a lot of other people who need just as much help and anything we can do to help is what we want to do," she said.

It is a small gesture but a huge help for Mike and Vera Cryer who lost a home in hurricane Katrina and now in the Castle West fire.

"You can't help but smile with so many people helping out," said Vera.

As night falls, the fight continues and so does the goodwill.

"She made spaghetti... we feel for the people who are homeless because of this fire," said a man who identified himself as Walt.

Food comes in from couples like Walt and his wife Shirley at a pace that at times is overwhelming, but never unexpected.

"Colorado Springs is a community that over and over again proves it comes together to help each other out," said Teresa Vieira with the local Red Cross office.

Which lets even those without a home feel like they have more than a few neighbors.