Toy Safety

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The Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation, or COPIRG, has released its 18th annual toy safety survey. And there are some familiar items on the list again this year.

The report focuses on four kinds of toys that can be a danger to children:

  • Choking hazards
  • Dangerously loud toys
  • Toxic hazards
  • Yo-yo water balls

    The organization spotlighted some toys that are especially hazardous. That includes infant bathtub safety seats. COPIRG claims they are not safe because parents have a tendency to leave their children unattended.

    The research group also targeted mobile walkers for toddlers. According to COPIRG. they can lead to bone fractures. They recommend non-mobile walkers.

    And finally, COPIRG researchers say Toy Balloons are bad, because they can close off a child's airway and cause suffocation.

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