Busted Pipes

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It's been an ongoing headache all week. Frozen pipes busting wide open thanks to below freezing temperatures.

From big pipes to little pipes, businesses and residents have been dealing with pipe breaks over the past couple of days.

In the Quintana family in Pueblo, the household dog, Baby Girl, was startled by a strange noise coming from the basement.

Residents discovered a water pipe had ruptured and water was spewing everywhere.

Andrea Quintana says, "We opened up the basement door and it was going all over the place the pipes had burst."

Plumbers and firefighters, were kept on their toes running from one call to the next.

Junior's Plumbing Service worker, Ben Perea says, "It's ridiculous."

At Focus on the Family, a pipe cracked above an entry way spraying water across the room.

And a similar problem at Pikes Peak Community College.

Firefighters arrived to find water pouring out of a pipe at 25 to 30 gallons per minute.

About half the library was covered in nearly an inch of water.

Firefighter, David Novotny says, "They're gonna pick up a lot more as we go along next 48 hours as the temps start to come up during the day pipes are gonna start to thaw and crack and."

Residents and businesses were warned to keep their water running overnight.

But that didn't help the Quintana family who learned their lesson from last year.

Andrea Quintana says, "This year I made sure to leave the water running, but it happened again."

Perea says, pipes that are exposed, not well insulated and sitting next to an outside wall will cause cracks quickly.

Plus, Perea says, "CPVC and copper and galvanized lines will freeze and break the most."

Certainly making for an inconvenient situation for anyone having to go without water for any amount of time.

Quintana says, "It puts everything on hold."

Specialists say, a busted pipe could cost between $80 and $150, depending on the number of broken pipes and the amount of material needed.