Beating The Cold

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For many with outside jobs, the cold isn't conducive to productivity. That's the reason many COSMIX construction workers got to go home early, Monday.
"Weather like this is awful, it's so cold," said COSMIX spokesman Bill Badger. "When you tell the guys they get to go home for the day because it's too cold, most are pretty happy about that!"
From breaks at work to broken bones, Memorial Hospital's emergency room was up to it's neck in weather-related injuries.
"Lots of bumps, bruises, fractured hips and broken wrists," said emergency room Doctor, Rich Loehre.
Whether you're shoveling snow or just walking, Dr. Loehre says give yourself a little more time to do it.
"Be aware of your body mechanics, take things slower, take smaller steps."
Dr. Loehre also says bundle up to avoid freezing-- a big concern for the homeless. At New Hope Center, Operating Manager Richard Floyd says there is a mat, blanket and a spot inside for those without.
"A lot of people who try to grab a blanket and sleep somewhere out on the street get to the point where they can't feel cold or warmth," said Floyd. "That's when they could pass out and end up freezing to death."
For the last 2 nights, Floyd says New Hope Center has been filled to capacity. He says If that happens again, there are 2 options for over-flow: The Springs Rescue Mission, and when that becomes full, the City Auditorium.