Bush Visit Attracts Protesters

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Not everyone agrees with the President's policies in Iraq. About 50 protesters stood out on the South Academy, waving signs, to try and send a message to Mr. Bush.

“I think Bush is taking this country straight to Hell and I'm coming to say my two cents worth about it,” said Cyndy Kulp. "Just came out to express my disappointment with the President," said Loring Wirbel.

Their signs spell out their message: “Drop Bush--not bombs.” “No more holy wars.” “Who would Jesus bomb?”

"I can't think of one thing he's done that brings hope, light, goodness in the world,"said Teri Ulrich. "Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where is Saddam Hussein?" said Kulp.

With security overhead and on the ground, the Presidential motorcade rolled right past the protesters. But with the cars fading out of sight, they chanted, “No more war.” They say that's the best way to support the troops. "Some of the families think this is about defending freedom. There's nothing in Iraq about defending freedom. This is about attacking another nation," said Wirbel.

"I think the best way to support the troops is to bring them home--out of harms way. They should never have been there in the first place," said Kulp.

The Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission helped organize the protest.