Miilitary Families React to President's Message

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Three military families got together to watch President Bush’s speech to the troops at Fort Carson on Monday afternoon. They all wanted to hear that more programs were on the way for the spouses and families left behind while the soldiers are on the battlefield.

"I don't even want to see the President, to be honest. He didn't say nothing positive to none of us spouses." Yolanda Smith says she was invited to be among the honored few to have lunch with President Bush, but Her husband, SFC Terry Smith is in Iraq. She's most frustrated with not having a timeline---not knowing when or if he'll be back. "Every day I wake up and I wonder if I'm going to get that knock at my door. And now, especially with the holidays and stuff, he really ain't saying nothing to help us." She said.

SGT Marcus Moore heads back on Tuesday. He leaves behind his wife and seven children while he returns to his post in Baghdad. He was encouraged by the President's speech, saying the families here at home need a boost. SGT Moore also says military families are on a battlefield too, and every soldier in the combat theatre knows it. But he wishes more Americans knew about the untold, positive stories in Iraq. "We get the tragedy, one line incidents. But there are a lot of great things that a lot of different soldiers are doing out there."

SGT Moore thinks a year is a long time for the men and women in uniform to spend away from their families. And so does Marcus Thomas. He just got out of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. "I saw a lot of people dealing with stress. Their families back home--people who've been in convoys and ambushed--there was a lot of stress over there, people are very upset," he said.

Thomas believes little things would help, like cheaper phone cards for the troops. He says communication with family is so important, yet it's so expensive for them to dial up their loved ones.