Four People Dead in Ellicott


(Ellicott-AP) -- The man who fatally shot himself after killing three people in Ellicott is identified as 41-year-old Ronald Sunderman.

The three victims are: 45-year-old Robert Mayhew of Ellicott, 42-year-old Jeffrey Stanford of Colorado Springs and 42-year-old Cathy Raner of Calhan.

Police say Sunderman and Mayhew lived together in the house where the shootings occurred yesterday.

Sunderman barricaded himself inside after the three victims were found shot to death on his property. Deputies discovered him while investigating those deaths.

Police tried negotiating with Sunderman for more than three hours. They were trying to knock him down with bean bag rounds when Sunderman shot himself in the neck. He was not holding any hostages.

The relationship of Sunderman to the three victims was not immediately known. Authorities have no motive.