President Bush Visits Fort Carson

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In a whirlwind visit to Fort Carson and Southern Colorado, President George W. Bush passionately spoke of the sacrafice made by our men and women in uniform. He also showed his support for those who have lost loved ones during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Mr. Bush said the nation would never forget the sacrifice soldiers are making there.

Before hundreds of soldiers and their families, President Bush tried to reassure them that America is safer because of the mission in Iraq. "These terrorists will not be stopped by negotiations or by appeals to reason, or by the least hint of conscience. We have only one option. we must and we will continue to take the fight to the enemy."

President Bush told the crowd that they bring great pride to the people of the United States of America. "The people of our Armed Forces are serving at a crucial period for America and for all free nations. We're at war with terrorists who hate what we stand for---liberty, democracy, tolerance, and the rights and dignity of every person. We're a peaceful nation, yet we're prepared to confront any danger."

Fort Carson has been hard hit by the war in Iraq, losing 31 soldiers. That's the Army post's heaviest combat casualty toll since Vietnam.

President Bush stopped at Fort Carson on the way to a week-long stay at his Texas ranch. Before his speech, he went through a cafeteria line at the mess hall and sat down to eat with about a hundred soldiers. They dined on fried chicken and corn on the cob. He also met privately with families of soldiers who died in the line of duty.