RV Crackdown at Monument Walmart

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For years, the Walmart chain has served as an oasis to roving
R-Vers, but that may be about to change in one Colorado town.
RV enthusiasts have made the popular discounter a regular stop as they criss-cross the country. After stocking up on supplies, the stores frequently allow campers to park their big rigs in the parking lot overnight, for free.
But the board of trustees in the town of Monument is considering some curbs on the practice, requiring the big retailer to corral R-Vers to a designated area, rather than allowing them free range of the parking lot. Proponents say large numbers of recreational vehicles scattered about the lot is unsightly.
A WalMart spokeswoman says the chain allows R-Vers to camp overnight because it fits with the company's goal of providing one-stop shopping.
Monument is a town of about 2500 located 45 miles south of Denver.