Braving Frigid Temperatures

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The cold weather in Southern Colorado isn't keeping everyone indoors. Some people braved the elements Sunday at the Shops at Briargate.

Most people we spoke with said they needed to return Christmas presents at specialized stores that aren't at indoor malls in Colorado Springs.

With highs only in the single digits. Some diehard shoppers are braving the elements. "They had a really good sale at Victoria's Secret and I wanted to catch it before everyone else took everything." While some are taking advantage of after christmas sales. Others are taking things back. "We came here to do some Christmas exchanges." "I'm just here making two quick returns and I met some friends for coffee. That's it. I'm out." This out of town guest, believe it or not, is just walking around trying to pass the time. "I'm staying across the street at the hotel and I came here to check it out." And he doesn't think the weather is that bad compared to what it's like in Detroit. "It's windy. But, I can take it."

There are some good sales at the Shops at Briargate. But, the cold weather is here to stay for a few days. So, you'll have to decide if it's worth freezing outside to get a bargain.