Arctic Blast Moves Through Southern Colorado

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The coldest temperatures of the season are making their way through Southern Colorado. The temperature in Colorado Springs around 10pm Sunday was near zero. Combine that with the wind and conditions were pretty miserable. And with weather this cold, it looks like the snow isn’t going away anytime soon.

Digging out has become a daily chore in Monument and even when it’s not snowing; residents face their next challenge, wind.

"Oh just drifting and drifting and more drifting," said one resident.

Drifting snow and now very cold temperatures.

"It doesn't make it too fun snow blowing when it’s this cold out," said another resident.

In fact nothing is really too much fun when you're talking sub zero wind chill. At the Tri-Lakes Fire Department their call load almost doubled in the last month due to snow and now their battling the cold too.

"It's making it difficult for us," said Battalion Chief Michael Dooley.

Difficult for them to work in, especially when dealing with water. Many are saying it’s the worst winter they've seen in over a decade and while some enjoy the snow others are ready for a change.

"I'm about sick of’s been like 4 weeks and its getting old and getting cold.”

The bad news is it looks like the cold weather is here to stay at least for a few more days so be sure to bundle up before you head outside.