Snowed-In Cat Sanctuary

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Nick Sculac has one passion in life. His 147 cats. He owns a sanctuary for tigers and lions. "78 tigers, we have 15 lions, bobcats... we have every kind of cat except a house cat."

He started building the non-profit cat sanctuary called The Big Cats of Serenity Springs in Calhan, CO about 15 years ago. It’s a safe haven for non-domestic felines. Sculac spends $15,000 every month to feed his animals.

But with the four snow storms in four consecutive weekends, he’s struggling keep all his kitties safe. "We have to give them water and in that kind of weather, we’re out here 3 times a day breaking ice because the water freezes."

Sculac also worries about the high winds that blow the cats' dens full of snow. "It was 25 feet tall. We spent 7 days on a bobcat just to get around to feed the cats. Looks like it’ll start all over again." Sculac spent nearly $10,000 cleaning up from the last blizzard. "That was all our food money, our reserve." Even though the storms are costing him, Sculac continues to care for his kitties. After all, they're like family.

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