Governor Tours Front Range By Train

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Governor Bill Ritter makes his first tour through Colorado since taking office on a Union Pacific passenger train. In Colorado Springs he's greeted by fellow Democrats and other Ritter supporters. Besides thanking those who gave him their vote, the Governor talked about his plans for the future.

"We're going to travel this state, we're going to listen to people and we're going to try and do all we can to bridge the partisian divide," He said.

And he plans to do that with an aggressive agenda that includes improvements in education, healthcare and renewable energy.

"We believe that we can go about this ambitious agenda in a bold and daring way and make a difference for all the people of this state.”

It was a unique tour that the Governor hopes will help make his presence known across the state. And it was one that caught the attention of many local residents.

"It's not often you have a politician actually going through town on a train...its kind of a throw back to the older times," said one Colorado Springs resident.

Next weekend the Governor plans to take a three day tour by plane to visit both the western slope and the eastern plains.