Bomb-Suspension CSU

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Four players on the Colorado State University women's basketball team have been suspended for setting off a chemical bomb outside the apartment of a teammate Kelly Rae Finley.

There were no injuries and no structural damage.

Police detective David Grand identified the suspended players as starting guards Emily Neal and Kelly Jo Mullaney, reserve forward Raysha Ritter and reserve Brittney Stirling, all freshmen.

Coach Jen Warden said the suspended players will not be allowed to practice or sit on the bench when the Rams host New Mexico today.

Grant said he believed no harm was intended and they thought it would just make a big noise.

But it could have hurt someone if it had exploded when the door was opened.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan said Mullaney, Neal and Finley all played at the same Minnesota high school and have been friends for several years.

The four suspended players apparently drove to Finley's apartment in Mullaney's car.

A witness reported their car after the Monday night incident.

Grant said that once confronted all four players confessed.

Warden refused to say how long the suspensions would last.

They leave the Rams with just eight available players.

Mullaney was the team's leading scorer.