Cold Snap Moves In

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Frigid temperatures and falling snow are once again making conditions tough outside.

The ice is slowly starting to be pile up...on car windows and on the roads...and there seems to be only one word to describe it all.

"It's freezing."

And it literally is...temperatures were in the teens for most of Friday afternoon and Friday night, close to zero, combine that with the wind chill and it actually feels like 10 to 15-below.

"I'm bundled up...I'm so cold," said one Colorado Springs resident.

One look at Starbucks downtown shows just how cold it is, their windows were completely fogged, something employees say happens often this time of year. It’s a fierce cold snap that will likely stay around for a few more days...and some are starting to wonder if all this winter weather will ever end.

Saturday the high is 14-degrees in Colorado Springs...that is the coldest high we have seen all season.