The Freeze

It's cold out there and that's an understatement. Try to drive, and you could slip and slide. Many roads are icy and several agencies are on cold reporting tonight.

Regaurdless of your method of transportation, it was slow going and the cold weather left some people speechless.

But the roads had them talking again.

"There's been a few fender benders on dry roads already. Everybody's just got to watch what they're doing," says one driver.

Some drivers say they were watching but what they ended up doing was not what they expected.

"I think its Mother Nature. I'm not that bad of a driver."

"I was coming down the hill, hit ice going really slow, and started sliding and hit the curb."

A former police officer took out a freeway sign and explained, "We just slid down and couldn't stop. We turned off on the curb to avoid hitting anybody."

And the horrible winter drive makes some people wonder why summer couldn't just stick around a little longer.

"I'm more of a summertime person for reasons like this."

"I was coming down the hill and hit the curb. I pushed on the break and it seemed the more I pushed, the faster I was going and I hit another curb."

"It was fine here until it became just solid ice."