Neglected Horse

A homeless horse in Hanover is off the streets tonight but his problems are far from over.

Animal rescuers say its the worst case of neglect they've seen in years.

Rescuers found "Slim" abandoned Wednesday night 40 miles east of Colorado Springs ... clearly, a case of extreme cruelty.

James Spangler of Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue says Slim's hooves show severe neglect.

"He was out wandering looking for help. Hopefully we got to him in time to do that for him."

Spangler adds Slim is 200 to 300 hundred pounds underweight and sand in his belly may account for 30 of those pounds.

Slim's right hind foot appears to have been broken for years.

"It's a rarity you ever see a horse this bad especially in Colorado. If you see them like this they're usually dead."

But Spangler says he's not about to give up on the poor, crippled horse.

"He has a high spirit. He has a good chance of making it mentally."

Until Slim beefs up, rescuers won't risk giving him vaccinations. They fear anesthetic could kill kill him. So his feet won't be fixed anytime soon.

"It's not likely he'll ever be ridden but he'll be a good companion horse."

His new caregivers say he definitely responds to love.

"We're looking for support. We'd like to find who the responsible party is. Whatever the reason, no animal whould be in this situation."