Remembering JFK

John F Kennedy
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It was 40 years ago when the country mourned the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Today, one Southern Colorado family has a unique link to JFK’s legacy.

The Foderaros are big fans of President Kennedy. The mother saw JFK when he made a stop in Pueblo in 1962. And over the years, her son has become an amateur historian of the Kennedy assassination.

In August of 1962, President Kennedy stopped in Pueblo to announce the project which built the Pueblo Reservoir. Bobbie Foderaro remembers the day well. "It was thrilling. I was just thrilled to death because I assumed that I would probably never get that close to a president again."

And the experience left an impression on her. "He seemed like a very sincere man and I enjoyed his speech very much."

Over the years, Bobbie passed her admiration of Kennedy onto her son, Mike. While working at his job at KKTV, he discovered some interesting bits of history. He found piles of UPI wire copy and Teletex photos of John F. Kennedy's assassination. He also discovered the actual bulletins and photos that came into the KKTV newsroom on November 22, 1963.

One glance, and he knew it had to be saved. "I got to looking at it and I saw what it was and I said no, this is not gonna to go in the dump. I'm gonna take it, if they are gonna throw it away so I saved it. I mean, that’s history." He even saved an old Associated Press teletype machine. It all serves as a reminder of that tragic day 40 years ago. "It’s a sad day. It makes me feel sad because I admired the man. I thought he was gonna make a great president."

Mike Foderaro says he will donate his collection someday to a museum or library to ensure the bits of history he rescued are around for future generations.