Beware Of Frozen Pipes

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With frigid temps on the way, it could leave some with quite a mess. Colorado Springs Utilities is warning residents in the Green Mountain Falls area to watch out for frozen pipes.

CSU says pipes are more apt to freeze there because there isn't as much sun and the water pipes aren't buried very deep below the ground.

Barbara Rosenbach knows frozen pipes first-hand. She remembers returning home from a vacation. “The pipes were frozen and cold, then the pipes burst." She says the pipe that burst was in her laundry room on the side of the house that rarely sees the sun. "Fortunately, I had a neighbor who was a plumber. He came over at 10 o’clock at night and fixed it."

Springs Utilities says Rosenbach isn't alone. Many of her neighbors in Chipita Park and Green Mountain Falls have had the same problem since their homes sit in the shadow of a mountain. "Up there, we get concerned about anything below 15 degrees," Steve Berry, a CSU spokesperson said.

Utilities is asking those residents to “Turn on their faucet and let the stream of water flow as long as they can,” Berry said. CSU says that steady stream should be about the width of a pencil. It’s something Rosenbach learned the hard way. “I don’t forget things like that. Once you get burned, you remember.”

Other tips to prevent frozen pipes are to keep your cabinet doors, the ones under your sink, open. Don't let your thermostat go below 55 degrees.