Jail Break In Pueblo

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Another jail break in Pueblo. Wednesday night, two inmates busted out of the county jail. Both were back behind bars with-in hours. This is the third escape in less than a year.

It's also Sheriff Kirk Taylor's first week on the job. He says he's got his hands full.

21 Year old Anthony Scott Gomez was one of Wednesday night's escapees. Authorities say, this is the second time Gomez has escaped from the Pueblo County Jail. The first time was in November. But this last time Gomez fell nearly 50 feet. Gomez was seriously hurt and rushed to the hospital.

The sheriff says, 21 year old Eli Oscar Mercado got a little further.
Mercado was spotted on the top of a garage roof on the north side of town just after one in the morning.

R.J. Hall, Pueblo's Law Enforcement Bureau Chief says, "We are attempting to get the entire structure fortified."

So that a fourth escape doesn't happen.

Gomez and Mercado were able to break free by removing a vent screen from the shower which lead to an opening. Then they shimmied down the side of the building with bed sheets.

Sheriff Taylor says, "We're moving as fast as we can."

People who live nearby say, the thought of an inmate escaping is frightening.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor is pleading for patience. He says, "We're not asking the county for any more money we're asking the citizens for a little more time."

Gomez was in jail for aggravated robbery and causing a riot in the jail.

Mercado was in for burglary, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.