State of the State-Recap

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Governor Bill Ritter laid out an ambitious agenda for improving Colorado's economy, education, transportation and health care today, saying Coloradans have "the opportunity of a lifetime" to build a new economy around renewable energy.

In his first State of the State speech, the new Democratic governor also made an overture to Republicans, saying Democrats don't have a monopoly on ideas, even though they control the House, the Senate and the governor's office for the first time in four decades.

In prepared remarks to legislators two days after he took office, Ritter promised to listen to their ideas and seek out their cooperation.

Ritter said he won't always see eye to eye with his opponents but will pursue responsible debate not rhetoric.

He called his address a "State of the People" speech and said he would apply a litmus test to each bill before deciding whether to sign it into law: "How does this create a better future for our children and our children's children?"