Dead Cattle Clean-up

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Health officials in four southeastern counties say they need help disposing of the carcasses of thousands of cattle killed by the blizzard.

Virgil Cochran of the Southeastern Land and Environment says the carcasses can cause real health problems, especially if coyotes and other animals get to them.

The four counties are Baca, Bent, Prowers and Kiowa.

State officials and regional rendering companies are working with the Colorado Livestock Association on a plan to allow producers to dispose of dead animals at a reduced cost to rendering companies.

The damage to roads could slow the effort. Officials are still working on estimating how many thousand cattle died.

Officials say animals must be buried by at least two feet of dirt and at least 150 feet downhill from a groundwater supply source. They should be at least one mile from any homes.

The good news is the continued cold weather is giving producers more time to get the job done.

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