Michael Jackson Arrested

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Michael Jackson is back in Las Vegas, after spending a few hours in California, where he was booked on child molestation charges.

The pop star arrived after making bail in Santa Barbara, where he'd been taken into custody. He's currently free on three (m) million dollars bail.

T-V footage showed Jackson's motorcade stuck in traffic as it headed to Vegas from the airport nearby. Jackson had flown to California in a private jet -- and surrendered in an airport hangar. He was seen entering the Santa Barbara County jail in handcuffs. After his booking, he was seen waving, blowing a kiss, flashing a thumbs-up and making the ``V-sign'' with his fingers.

Jackson is to be arraigned in Santa Barbara on January ninth.

Statement on behalf of Michael Jackson by spokesman Stuart Backerman:

"The big lie against Michael Jackson is anchored in the most
icious allegation imaginable, one that resonates across every
culture: the spectacle of harming a child. That spectacle invites
outrage, and it should. But this spectacle is rooted in a lie.

"Michael said, 'Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.," Jackson said.

"Michael is going to defend himself with the force of his spirit, as would anyone falsely accused of something so monstrous.''