Daycare Center to Close

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A Colorado Springs daycare center is closing with just a few days notice for parents to find somewhere else to take their kids.

Jenna Hendricks is a single mom and a student. "He's only been here for a few months now, but he seems to really like it. And it's really close to where I go to school so it worked out really well." Now, she doesn’t know what she's going to do.

Infant Graduated Childcare near Woodmen and I-25 is closing its doors for good next Tuesday. A letter was the only warning parents got, that in less than a week, they'd have to find new daycare for their kids.

Parents and employees are both upset by the news. "They are kind of upset or sometimes they are kind of sad because us employees. We don’t have a job, and for them to find a daycare on short notice,” says Daycare Manager Josie Pesek.

The owner, Shirley Stewart, says they are victims of the economy and have been losing money since shortly after 9-11. She says they tried to stay afloat, but it became apparent she would have to close the daycare and sell the building.

We checked out Infant Graduated Child care with the Better Business Bureau and the State Licensing Board. Both say the center has had no any major complaints filed against it in recent years.

Nancy Owens of Childcare Connections says parents can call her for help. “We will do a child care search for them based on their needs." She says they can show parents what to look for in a new daycare. "I believe most everyone has openings, except perhaps infants and toddlers, those children under two."

If you would like help looking for childcare you can call Child Care Connections at 719-638-2057 or log on to Child Care Connections