FDA Wants To Ban Electronic Cigarettes

If you're trying to quit smoking, you'll try just about anything. Now, a new anti-smoking aid is filtering into the U.S.

It's called an "electronic cigarette", but , the FDA wants them banned until more studies can be done, because there's no medical proof e-cigarettes can really help someone stop smoking.

'What's remarkable is the lack of evidence that these products are any better than standard smoking cessation treatments and secondly the inadequate testing for their toxicity," said Dr. Michael Thun from the American Cancer Society.

Just how much nicotine the cigarette delivers may vary, but smokers say an e-cigarette feels like the real thing.

The smoker takes a drag, and the battery-operated e-cigarette lights up. It produces a vapor mist like smoke, and delivers a dose of liquid nicotine.

Tobacco smoke causes almost 90-percent of lung cancer deaths.
But e-cigarettes don't contain tobacco and don't produce smoke.
The FDA does not recommend using e-cigarettes and has blocked foreign shipments into this country.

But thousands of smokers want them, and are willing try anything to quit.