Father of Accident Victim Sends Message

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Friends and family of a Peyton teenager gathered to say goodbye Wednesday.
Landon Sanderson was killed last week in what investigators call a “street racing” accident.

The Colorado State Patrol says Sanderson’s car fishtailed and slammed into a guardrail on Highway 94. They estimate he had been driving about 95 miles per hour when he crashed and the vehicle rolled.

Now, his father hopes his son's death will teach other teenagers about the dangers of street racing. Buddy Sanderson wants teens and their families to know the real consequence of driving too fast and too furious. "A friend had to come and tell me he had a bad accident and I went down their and saw his brains splattered and blood runnin' down the street," says Sanderson.

Buddy Sanderson wants the driving age raised so fewer teens are behind the wheel. And the State Patrol says street racing as portrayed in Hollywood is just too tempting for teenagers. "That's one thing about being a teenager. You think you're 7 feet tall and bulletproof, but you're not. When driving at high speeds your driving a 2000 lb. bullet.”

Sanderson plans to display the wreckage of his son's car at the Falcon Fire Department this Friday.