President Bush Plans Fort Carson Visit

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For the first time since the war with Iraq began, President George W. Bush will meet face to face with Fort Carson soldiers and their families.

Right now, he's in London to defend his stance on the war and reconstruction in Iraq. But a White House spokesman tells us the commander in chief will make a stop at the Mountain Post on Monday.

Fort Carson is seeing its largest deployment of troops since World War II. And since May 1st, officials say 27 soldiers based at Fort Carson have been killed in Iraq. It's a loss soldiers' families hope the President will address.

Both the White House and Fort Carson are being very tight lipped about the visit because of security concerns. But 11 News has learned, the President will have lunch with troops at Fort Carson.

Family members of some of fallen soldiers also want to meet with the commander in chief. Dave Bader's brother, Daniel, lost his life on November 2nd when the Chinook helicopter he was riding in was shot down in Iraq. Dave says he hopes the President will meet with his family while he's here. "I think that would be beneficial. I'd always looked forward to meeting the president of the United States." But he says there isn't much anyone could say to comfort his family. "I think we've pretty much heard what people can tell us as far as Dan. He served his country with bravery and honor---I think that's what he'd say too."

Family members of soldiers who are deployed now also would like to meet with the president. "Getting to know the person that sent my husband over there and all of the other husbands and wives and brothers over there." Melissa Weber's husband is in Iraq. She wants to know when all American troops will be out of there.

So does Dawn Walker. Her husband is deployed in South Korea. "When our troops are going to be pulled out of Iraq? It seems we're not wanted over there so our troops are in danger, so it would be good for them to come home."

We did talk to soldiers about the President’s visit. They have the same question---when will the troops be home?