Trash Piles Up In Gleneagle

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More snow also means more problems for garbage companies...who are running almost a month behind in some areas.

Trash has become a very common sight on Airman Lane in Gleneagle.

"Since the first blizzard...3 weeks ago...we haven't seen a trash truck," one resident told us.

And that’s caused the trash piles to grow...Christmas trees...boxes and cans overflowing...neighbors here aren’t sure how much more they can handle.

"There are 5 people in our family...I've got a little one on diapers...trash is accumulating everywhere," another resident said.

Waste Management says three storms in one month and the holidays have set them behind by almost 3 weeks in some areas.

"Whenever you close highway 94 and 24 our land fill is out there...we're unable to collect the garbage and take it to the landfill,” said Waste Management District Manager Joe Gonzales.

Not to mention that garbage trucks don't have 4-wheel drive...making them unsafe to drive on snow-packed many areas Waste Management is using pick-up trucks instead...but that means much smaller loads.

“We'll get there as soon as we possibly can...trying to be safe for ourselves and the general public," Gonzales said.

Waste Management says because of the delays they will not be charging anyone for having extra trash...that includes Christmas trees...which usually cost extra to pick-up.

They will pick up everything that is out when they come by.