Denver Airport-Close Call

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A Frontier Airlines jet attempting to land at Denver International Airport came within 50 feet of a smaller charter plane that had inadvertently entered the runway this morning.

Federal aviation officials say the Frontier crew spotted the Key Lime Air plane in time and aborted the landing. No injuries were reported.

Both airlines declined to comment on the incident.

They and federal investigators won't say how many passengers were aboard.

The National Transportation Safety Board says a Frontier Airbus A-319 en route from St. Louis had emerged from low clouds and was about to land around 7:30 this morning when the flight crew saw the Key Lime Swearingen Metroliner.

Investigators say the Key Lime plane had inadvertently entered the runway.

The Frontier crew kept the airliner flying and turned around to land a short time later.

It was snowing and misty at the time with half-mile visibility -- but an NTSB spokesman says there's no way to tell whether those conditions contributed to the incident.