Firefighters Train For Ice Rescues

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The recent cold weather has caused many ponds and lakes in the area to ice over and that’s why the Colorado Springs Fire Department was doing some ice rescue training at Prospect Lake on Thursday.

It only took one look at Prospect Lake for Debbie Coolidge to make up her mind...but for many others...especially's a risk they take.

"We probably average a 911 call per day on children playing on the ice," said Tim Dragosh from the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

And that’s exactly why the Fire Department is getting prepared…they’re practicing ice rescues.

So far this year there haven’t been any real life rescues but two years ago a 16-year-old fell through the ice on a pond at Gleneagle Golf Course...he drowned.

Firefighters remind everyone to heed their warnings and stay off any body of water that's iced over.

"They present themselves as being safe but truly nobody knows the depth...can get out there and get in trouble,” Dragosh said.

Firefighters say they will continue to train...they usually do about 7 ice rescues training’s every winter.