Russian Rocket Lights up Colorado Skies

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Balls of light shot the through the sky early Tuesday morning.

“Oh my gosh I couldn't even believe it, I still can't believe it because it was so beautiful and so huge,” said one onlooker.

It was so huge; in fact, sightings were reported in four states.

“It was orange and white, brilliant particles flying off slowly.”

And brilliant enough to distract many from what they were doing.

“I almost forgot I was driving.”

And it confused everyone who saw it.

“I thought to myself, why is a helicopter flying so low?”

So what was the spectacular display? According to NORAD-NORTHCOM it's the body of a Russian rocket, re-entering our atmosphere.

“It's very hard to specifically identify where it will land, and most just burn up and break up before reaching ground,” said NORAD public affairs official Lt. Col. John Cornelio

But this one didn't, in fact it landed in a field near Riverton, WY resulting in a huge puff of smoke.

“I watched it go down to the end of the mountains where I couldn't see it anymore, you had to see it to believe it because it was great.”

NORAD-NORTHCOM officials say all pieces of the rocket have re-entered earth's atmosphere.

They say besides Wyoming, debris likely fell in southwestern Colorado and northwestern New Mexico.