Number of Influenza Cases Statewide Continues to Rise

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The newest number of flu cases in Colorado has just been released. According to the State Health Department, 693 people now have influenza in Colorado. There are 20 cases in El Paso County, 8 cases in Pueblo County. But that’s still elss than Denver, whre there are 142 confirmed cases of the virus.

Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control say they don’t like what they see. Texas and Colorado are the two states hit hardest by the outbreak.

Lori Weaver says she always gets a flu shot. “I don’t want to get sick, so I want to get the flu shot… make sure I don’t miss work.”

That’s why the CDC is begging people to get a flu shot. Health workers say if you get the flu, you could miss 2 and ½ weeks of work or school. But the risks could be even more severe. Dr. Joseph Fortunato says between 10,000 and 50,000 people die every year from the flu. And this year the outbreak is starting early.

El Paso County Health Department officials say this time last year, they didn’t have any cases of the flu. The first case didn’t appear until late December.

And although the CDC says flu shots will protect most people, the strain seen so far this year doesn’t exactly match this year’s vaccine. Which could mean this flu season will be worse than ususal.

For a complete list of flu shot clinics, call 578-3215 in El Paso County or 583-4320 in Pueblo County.