Soldier Dies, The Day Son Is Born

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Hours after SGT John Michael Sullivan was killed in Iraq, his wife Michele gave birth to their little boy at Fort Carson. News of her husband's death had sent Sullivan into labor.
"I got a knock on the door and I told them, 'don't tell me,'" said Sullivan. Her husband had been killed when a roadside bomb hit his Humvee. SGT Sullivan and his wife had planned to name their son Johnny Walker. Sullivan said they both thought it was a strong name everyone would remember. When SGT Sullivan died, his wife chose a different name so her son would always be remembered... and her husband would never be forgotten-- John Michael Sullivan Jr.
"When I look at my little boy, I see my husband."
Same eyes, same little ears. Sullivan says she knows "Junior" she calls him will have his dad's heart-- Sullivan says she'll make sure to tell him all about it.
"I'll tell him that his father was a hero and he always will be, that he was a very kind and loving person and that he would give anything for anybody."
Even his life for his country-- something SGT Sullivan and his wife had talked about.
"We said if anything ever happened to him in Iraq, his memory would continue in his little boy."
A little boy SGT Sullivan wanted to teach all about cars, music and life. Now his mother has one wish for her son.
"That he becomes as good as a man as a father."
A memorial service for SGT Sullivan will be held at Fort Carson in February. Sullivan's body will arrive in Tennessee on Friday.