Trinidad Gets Hit With Snow & Earthquake

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Trinidad gets blasted with 36 inches of snow earlier this week. Then, early Wednesday morning, an earthquake rocks that same area.

Trinidad residents have been chipping away at the ice covered town trying to inch toward the bottom of all their snow glazed streets.

With the sun's help, of course, much of all the stubborn snow piles won't last very long.

And now, an early morning earthquake Wednesday measuring at 3.8 magnitude rumbles near the tiny town of Trinidad.

Many residents saying, they didn't hear or feel anything.

But even if anyone had felt the ground move, residents say, they would have though it was snow tumbling off roofs of homes.

Residents are hoping the snow doesn't dissolve too quickly to cause flooding.

Independent contractors in Trinidad have been hauling mounds of snow to a secluded area in town to help get rid of all the extra snow in town.

Trinidad natives say, earthquakes aren't too uncommon in their area.

They say, they get mild earthquakes about once every couple of years.