Stranger Saves Man's Life

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They were complete strangers before the early hours of 2007 until one man jumped in to save the other's life.

Just after the New Year was rung in, Michael Strauch and a friend were walking on Pike's Peak Avenue when he says a man approached them waving a knife. "I turned and said, leave us alone. I felt a stab in the back, then I turned around and he stabbed me in the front," Michael told 11 News.

Jonathan Johnson, an ex-marine, happened to be walking to his car at the same time and came running over to Michael's rescue. “That's when I grabbed the guy off of him and he came at me with the knife," John said.

The suspect shoved John against a building, giving him a concussion, but John kept fighting back. "I kicked his chest 3 times and then in the face 3 times. I punched him… I’ve never hit anything so hard in my life."

John got control of the suspect and kept a hold of him. By that time, he was able to help Michael with his bleeding wound.

After police arrived, John and Michael were both taken to Memorial Hospital for their stabbing injuries. John shows us one of his wounds, “this one went straight into my muscle," as he points to his triceps.

At the hospital, the two ended up sharing the same room. “What a way to start the New Year," Michael says as he shows us the cut into his chest.

They were strangers until that night, but Michael now calls John, "my guardian angel." Although they now share scars, Michael and John also share a special kind of bond. "I told him I owe him a steak dinner or two," Michael laughed.

Michael will be released from the hospital Thursday. John went back in today because he's having minor health complications. There were several witnesses watching the attack that night, but no one else jumped in to help.

The stabbing suspect, 26-year-old Nathan Dickerman was taken to jail and booked on attempted murder charges.