Confluence Park Could Become Tourist Attraction

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Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera's plan to turn Confluence Park into an Olympic tourist attraction has won the support of a majority of the City Council. Now the council is awaiting approval from the U.S. Olympic Committee before proceeding.

After speaking recently to Jim Scherr, the USOC's chief of sport performance, Rivera says he is optimistic the committee will lend its name to the park. If the proposal goes through, the existing plan would be expanded to include a Wall of Fame on which Olympic medalists are honored or a Walk of Fame on which the prints of hands, feet and skates will be placed. All would be part of an effort to revitalize the southwest downtown area, and try to make sure the city keeps all of its Olympics facilities and staff.

Other council members jumped on the mayor's bandwagon because they think the theme will bring more people to the park and might help get sponsors for the proposed $30 million second phase.