Body Found

Police responded to a call about a fight early this morning. They found one person involved in the fight was missing. Nearly 12 hours later, they found a body behind a dumpster they believe is the missing person.

The fight happened around 3:30 in the morning at 4928 Sand Hill Drive.

Police have determined 2 brothers fought another unknown male. They assaulted the male, loaded the person into the back of a pickup truck, and drove off.

The brothers returned about an hour later but the body wasn't in the truck.

Blood was found in the back of the pickup. The 2 brothers are now in custody and have been charged with attempted 1st degree murder. They've been idenitifed as Albert Noseworthy, 32 years old, and Robert Noseworthy, 39 years old.

Police arte still investigating to see if an unidentified body found behind a dumpster near a strip mall is the missing person.