Explosion Investigation

The Crowley County Sheriff's Office is speaking out about a house explosion that critically injured three small children and their babysitter.

It happened about six weeks ago in Ordway, about 50 miles east of Pueblo. Now, sheriffs deputies say, they may have suspects in the case.

They won't release many details of the investigation, but, they do say they have a list of people they think may have been involved.

The events leading up to the explosion are also mysterious. In August, resident Chuck Duke went missing. Then it was his home that exploded, with his four relatives inside.

The Crowley County sheriffs office says the explosion was definitely arson. But, they don't know why, or where Chuck Duke is. They say finding Duke is their primary concern.

The suspect or suspects will likely face arson and assault charges.

All three children and the babysitter who were injured in the explosion live in Ohio now, and are still battling the severe burns they suffered.