Kobe Byant Hearing

Prosecutors are asking the Eagle County Court to close some of Kobe Bryant's preliminary hearing when it resumes on Wednesday.

Prosecution spokeswoman Krista Flannigan says the request applies to only part of the hearing, but wouldn't elaborate.

A Denver attorney representing several media organizations says the move is a flip-flop for prosecutors. Tom Kelley says prosecutors were happy to have the media there when the testimony was damaging to Bryant, but want the hearing closed when the accuser began getting attacked.

The hearing Thursday lasted more than six hours and was continued until Wednesday after prosecutors objected to the defense's claim Bryant's 19 year old accuser had had sex with three different men in three days prior to the attack.

There's no indication when Judge Frederick Gannett would make a decision about the prosecution request.

Meanwhile, legal analysts say it will be hard for prosecutors to admit any of the alleged victim's sexual history into evidence. They say doing so would be against Colorado's rape shield law which is meant to protect victims' reputations. They say lawyers would need either physical evidence or a witness with firsthand knowledge of the woman's activities.

Bryant faces up to life in prison if he's convicted on the sexual assault charge. The 19 year old woman, and employee at a Edwards resort says Bryant attacked and raped her when he stayed there in June.