From Fires to Floods

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Crews are turning their attention from fighting fires to preventing floods in areas stripped of vegetation by wildfires in Colorado. Experts say on hillsides where fires burned intensely and stripped the soil bear of living organisms -- water rolls off the ground as if it were asphalt.

In Teller County, the Sheriff's office has issued an advisory for people in the area of the Hayman Fire burn area to be alert for any rainfall, since it will very likely trigger floods and serious erosion problems.

Residents from 200 homes in Glenwood Springs are now back home after being evacuated because of a forecast of rain Thursday night.

Guy Meyer of Garfield County Emergency Management says one-tenth of an inch of rain could send a wave of water and debris down Mitchell Creek toward homes.

Concrete barricades already have been installed to direct some water -- if a storm should develop. The fire in the area started June eighth when a long-smoldering coal fire burst to the surface and raced through brush and trees -- destroying 29 homes and damaging four others.