Homecoming Day for Fort Carson Troops

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Some members of the Army's 10th Special Forces Group returned to Fort Carson on Tuesday. They had been on a dangerous assignment---patrolling northern Iraq and arresting criminals and others who attacked coalition forces. But for many of the soldiers, the most challenging part was the uncertainty.

"We have guys wounded. It takes a toll on you. Not knowing when you'll see loved ones or family and what tomorrow will bring," said one member of the unit.

But on this day, the soldiers are reunited with their loved ones. The 10th SFG won't be going back to Iraq. Here is what some of the other soldiers are planning: "Looking to spend some time with the family and getting ready for the holidays." "Sitting on the couch and doing nothing."

A total of 2 battalions from the 10th SFG left Fort Carson in March. Most of them already returned in May and June.