Call Him "Governor" Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has claimed victory in California's gubernatorial recall election, thanking his wife, Maria Shriver "for the love and the strength" that she's provided.

Schwarzenegger also thanked the voters, saying everything he has is because of California. He says California has given him everything, and now voters have given him the greatest gift, their trust.

Promising voters he won't let them down, Schwarzenegger says he's heard their voices loud and clear, and the first choice is to rebuild the state together. He says he wants to be everyone's governor and reach out to Republicans, to Democrats, Independents, recall supporters and opponents.

California Governor Gray Davis formally conceded the recall election to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Davis told supporters in Los Angeles early Wednesday that he had called Schwarzenegger to offer his congratulations and best wishes.

He says his heart is full of gratitude for being given the opportunity to serve but voters decided it's time for someone else. He called on everyone in California to put the chaos and division of the recall behind them and do what's right for the state.