Federal "Do Not Call" List Gets Temporary Reprieve

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A victory for consumers is how the head of the Federal Trade Commission describes Tuesday's ruling on the "do not call" list.

A federal appeals court in Denver blocked a lower court's order that the anti-telemarketing registry couldn't be enforced because it violated the free speech rights of telemarketers. The appeals court said the calls can be blocked because they potentially subject consumers to what Congress has called "substantial fraud, deception, and abuse."

Tuesday's ruling is temporary. The appeals court said the FTC can run the registry while a challenge from telemarketers winds its way through the courts. FTC Chairman Timothy Muris says the agency is ready to resume enforcement of the "do not cal"' list. That task had been handed
off to the Federal Communications Commission while the Denver
appeal was heard

An attorney who represents telemarketers said he was disappointed by the appeals court decision but refused to call it a defeat.