Deadly Prank

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A teen was gunned down while egging cars on a busy Ohio road, and his family wants to know why.

Danny Crawford was with a group of friends one late night two weeks ago, when they began throwing eggs as a prank. Police say a motorist came after the boys, and someone inside the Jeep fired several shots, killing the 14-year-old.

Police are still seeking the gunman. They've interviewed the Jeep's owner, but aren't saying if that person is a suspect.

Danny's mother says she wants to know what kind of person would shoot a kid in the back and go into hiding. She says she wants the shooter to come out and admit what he's done.

The boy's death is similar to a deadly incident in Indiana last year, when a motorist whose truck had been egged by teens chased the youths down and opened fire. Three years ago, a young man in northeast Ohio was shot to death after throwing tomatoes at passing vehicles.

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