State Stumped at How to Issue I.D. and Follow New Law

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With a deadline looming for the state to scrap the controversial "Two ID" rule for driver's licenses by Wednesday, officials say they're stumped at how to issue licenses without violating a current law.

As it stands, a state law established last summer requires applicants to provide proof of identity, age and legal U.S. residence to get a driver's license or I.D. card.

The problem is, state officials say they can't think of any document anywhere that meets all those standards. Not even a U.S. passport.

Until recently, officials have required two forms of identification. But advocates for the homeless say it's placed an unfair burden on homeless people who have a hard time coming up with one form. And without a license, they can't get back on their feet.

Last week the state stopped issuing licenses altogether, but began handing out licenses again today. Still, with Wednesday's deadline fast approaching, there don't seem to be any answers.